REVIEW: The Best Oval Brushes! (Iconic London Evo Set)

Iconic Evo Brush

Oval brushes have been taking the makeup community by storm this year and I refused to buy into the hype; I just wasn’t impressed after trying both low- and high- end brands. The cheaper brushes were not as densely packed or as soft as the more expensive brands, but the price tags on the latter made my head spin. Although those brushes were pretty amazing, I just wasn’t comfortable spending that much money on them.

Cue: the Iconic Evo Brush Set. I heard about Iconic London from watching beauty bloggers from Europe, and was very interested in trying out some of their products. When I saw this white and rose gold oval brush set on their site, I immediately jumped at the chance to try them out. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the actual brush – I just liked the packaging. I know.. it’s a problem BUT I’m so glad I tried them!! These brushes are comparable to the higher end brushes I tried, but at a fraction of the price. They look and feel expensive, but I think they’re a steal at less than $100! Plus, since I loved them so much, I reached out to Iconic London and they hooked it up with a promo code- use MISU10 to get 10% off on your purchase!

Evo Brush Set: 6 multi-use brushes | $93.00

– extremely soft bristles with no shedding (I’ve been using them for about 2 weeks and washed them twice)
– densely packed so makeup does not soak into the brush. This means you only have to use half the amount of product you normally use!
– makes blending foundation, concealer, and contour a DREAM
– sleek design (there are different colors available)

– these brushes will have a hard time blending makeup with a drier formula. Use oil drops or makeup with a creamier consistency with these brushes!
– you’ll have to pay for shipping if you live outside of the UK 🙁 it’s free shipping internationally if you spend over a certain amount (£120 or $150). If you want to try some more high-quality products to get the free shipping, we also highly recommend the cream contour kit and the strobing stick.

My Rating: 10/10

Iconic Evo Brush Set

  1. I use this brush to blend in foundation. It takes me less than a minute to achieve airbrushed perfection using this brush!
  2. I use this brush for my under eye concealer.
  3. I use this brush to blend cream contour. I have also used this on my under eye area.
  4. I use this brush to carve out cheekbones using cream contour.
  5. I use this brush to apply and blend in my cream contour on my nose.
  6. I use this brush to spot conceal or highlight small areas (bridge of nose).

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Promo code: MISU10

*this post is not sponsored nor do we receive compensation. We just love these brushes that much!*