Spring/Summer 2016 Beauty Trends


Blue Hydrangea

There’s a lot to be excited for during the spring and summer; for me, it’s the rising temperatures. I can’t wait to shove my winter jackets deep within the recesses of my closet while dreaming of BBQ’s and picnics and not shivering whenever I step out of my house. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving the fall/winter beauty trends the past few years (repeat after me: dark, vampy lips and a strong brow). But I’m so ready for all the beauty trends the warmer months have to offer.

Check out some of the ones I’m really loving below!

1. Naturally Sun-Kissed

Naturally Sunkissed


Of course, a recurring theme in spring/summer makeup is the desire to achieve a natural glow. Air-dried, beachy hair, flushed cheeks, and bronzed, dewy skin is the trifecta for that effortless, sun-kissed look. The Too Faced Soleil matte bronzers and Candlelight Glow highlighters are beautiful options to achieve this bronzed glow. You can also mix a beauty oil with your foundation or use a hydrating setting spray to get that youthful, dewy finish.

2. Cerulean Blue Eyes

Cerulean Blue


Of all the beauty trends I came across this season, cerulean blue eye makeup is by far the most beautiful one in my opinion. You can wear this vibrant shade of blue as a crisp eyeliner for a cleaner look or smudged with a little eyeshadow for a sultrier look. Either way, be sure to pair it with a simple cheek and lip so it remains the focus of your face.

3. Sunset Eyes

PC: Stylenanda (l); IMAXTREE (r)

PC: Stylenanda (l); IMAXTREE (r)

While we’re on the topic of eyes, another beautiful and very wearable product to watch out for are sunset eyeshadows. This romantic look is meant to mimic the hues of a setting sky – all pinks, lavenders, and peaches. I’m reminded of popular Korean makeup styles because it’s so feminine and fresh. A light wash of one or a combination of the aforementioned colors is all you need to get this look!

4. Cherry Red Lips



Candy apple, cherry red, neon red – red lips are a classic and will never go out of style no matter what it’s being called this season. However, we’re straying from deep, vivid reds and into a more Snow White-esque shade which is brighter and more flirty.  Matte lipsticks totally took over 2015 by storm and in that whirlwind, I’d forgotten how much I loved lip glosses. Anastasia Beverly Hills brought me back to my roots with their beautiful and ultra-pigmented glosses. I’m obsessing over “Socialite,” which is a beautiful cherry red – perfectly on trend with this season.

5. Color Correcting & Multi-Masking

PC: Sephora (l); POPSUGAR (r)

PC: Sephora (l); POPSUGAR (r)

Color correcting and multi-masking are two techniques trending at Sephora right now that both Michelle and I are loving. Individual posts on these two techniques will be up in the coming months, so I won’t go too in-depth about them here. All I’ll say is: beautiful makeup starts with a flawless base, and these beauty trends will help your skin look and feel amazing. Stay tuned to learn more about our experiences!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post! We love learning about and experimenting with different techniques and makeup styles, so we’re more than happy to share this love with you all. Experiment a little and express yourself!



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    Cat L.

    April 4, 2016

    I love the post! So informative and well written. I am a huge fan of mixing an oil with my foundation (I typically opt for this in the winter time, but will try it this time of the year as well, as I’m all about that dewey finish) and mask multi-tasking! Great job and suggestions!

    • Reply

      The Misu Fix

      April 13, 2016

      Definitely have been loving a more dewy finish all year round! Thank you for reading and supporting us!