REVIEW: Son & Park Beauty Water

Son & Park Beauty Water

What: The Son & Park Beauty Water is a multi-tasking toner/cleansing water that creates a clean base for your skincare and makeup routine.

Where: Sokoglam // Sephora

When: I apply this morning and night with a cotton round after I double cleanse and before my essence/serum.

Why: It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and picks up any residual makeup or pore-clogging oils. This allows the following steps of your skincare regimen to better absorb into your skin.

pH: 5.0
Our skin is naturally a 4.5-5.5, so the Beauty Water adjusts our pH to its optimal level without irritation.

How much: $30.00 / 11.49 oz (340 ml)

My thoughts: This toner is definitely one of my favorite products of the summer. I first incorporated the Beauty Water into my skincare routine 2 weeks ago and my skin is already beginning to feel smoother and look brighter. I also love the minimalistic packaging and appreciate the very faint scent.

My rating: 10/10 – I highly recommend this!

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