REVIEW: Son & Park Beauty Gel

What: The Son & Park Beauty Gel is a light moisturizing gel which reduces the size of pores while cooling your face in order to provide a smooth base for your make up. The gel is thin, light and filled with little pockets of oxygen.

Where:  Style Korean (currently out of stock but coming back soon hereimg_3962

When: I apply this in morning after toning and cleansing. I find this particularly useful on hot and humid days.

Why: This acts almost like a primer by prepping your skin for make up application.

How much: $25.00 / 33o ml on Style Korean.  For its size the price makes this product a deal. It only takes 1 pump  to cover your entire face.

My thoughts: This Beauty Gel is perfect for days when I need my make up to look flawless. It provides the perfect base for foundation, bb cream, and cc cream application. I especially love this when I am doing a heavy make up look as it lightens up the feeling of the amount of make up on my face. This is especially perfect for humid and hot days when you need a super light moisturizer that will give you moisture without the weight. However I do feel that if you have dry skin, the beauty gel may not be moisturizing enough.

My only negative about the product is that it smells and has the consistency of hand sanitizer. At first I was a little hesitant about putting it on my face but this to me is only a minor negative.

My rating: 9/10 – I highly recommend this!

Read about the Beauty Gel’s sister product  – Son & Park’s Beauty Water here.

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