REVIEW: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks have been a popular make up item for quite some time and with so many brands to choose from its hard to find the perfect one! While liquid lipsticks have that amazing matte finish that is made to last, most also come with the consequence of making your lips dry and flakey. Susan and I have tested many brands on the market and have come to the conclusion that Kat Von D makes the best liquid lipsticks!

Where to PurchaseSephora

Why: Trendy, long lasting matte liquid lipstick –Perfect for eating and drinking without color fading. Our go to lipstick for a night out!

Price: $20

Tips & Tricks: To get optimal results I recommend you moisturize your lips right before applying. This will create a smooth base and keep the lipstick from cracking or crumbling on your lips. To take a step further (this step isn’t necessary), exfoliating with a lip scrub right before moisturizing and application will make your lips look even better.

Michelle’s Favorite Colors: Outlaw, Double Dare (my go to and favorite), Lolita, Mother

Susan’s Favorite Colors: Mother, Lovesick, Melancholia, Requiem

Mother, Lovesick, Melancholia, Requiem


  • Lightweight
  • Super pigmented
  • Long Lasting – Lasts when eating and drinking (if you are eating oily foods you might have to touch it up)
  • Dries Matte
  • Not super drying like most formulas
  • Does not cause your lips to peel
  • Comes off easily with oil based make up remover


  • Pricey – at $20 dollars each you could buy 2-3 drugstore liquid lipsticks. However we feel the quality does not compare
  • Lack of colors – I love the formula but feel brands such as ABH have a wider range of colors