REVIEW: Georgie Beauty Faux Eyelashes

Georgie Lashes
Finding the right false eyelashes to add a little glam to my day or night look is one of my favorite activities. With so many lashes out on the market finding the most natural feeling lashes that add length, volume, drama, or whatever I am in the mood for can be tough!

We recently had the opportunity to try Georgie Beauty Faux Lashes and are absolutely amazed at how perfect they are for us. Read my review and thoughts below!

What: “Faux Lashes that are handmade, weightlessly voluminous, easy to apply, and convenient to store in our eco-chic compact. They are vegan certified and and their lash adhesive is dermatologist tested.”

WhereGeorgie Beauty, Neiman Marcus, Bluemercury

When: You can wear these night or day since Georgie Beauty has a wide variety of classic styles. From wispy lashes to full on cat-eye drama – they have it all.

Georgie LashesHow much: $15-18 Faux Lashes, $8 Lash Adhesive, $8 Lash Compact

My thoughts: We LOVE these lashes. They have completely replaced the lashes I typically wear (Sephora, Ardell, Kiss)! Typically my eyes are easily irritated and after a few hours of wear with other brands of falsies, I am ready to rip them them off and put in some eye drops. These lashes, along with the lash adhesive, do not affect my eyes at all and I find them extremely comfortable to wear. The eyelash band is super thin and the hairs on the lashes feel natural. I can’t recommend these lashes enough. I urge all lash lovers to give this brand a try!

Pros: Light Weight, Vegan, Long Wearing, Variety of Styles, Comfortable

Cons: Some may list price as a negative. However, these are high end eyelashes and are totally worth the investment. Drugstore lashes may be cheaper, but they are not as comfortable or high quality as the Georgie lashes. I’ve used and reused the same pair and they still look new!

My rating: 10/10

Daytime FavoritesStyle No. 1 ‘La Chérie’ Faux Lashes , Style No. 7 ‘L’Amour’ Faux Lashes,

Nighttime Favorites: Luxury Bridal Lash, Style No. 4 ‘La Vie Charme’ Faux Lashes, Style No. 5 ‘Midnight Muse’ Faux Lashes, No. 3 ‘La Starlette’ Faux Lashes

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Georgie Lashes