REVIEW: Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

Stress, lack of sleep, cold weather, poor diet, inconsistent skincare routine – I can’t pinpoint the exact perpetrator of the month-long siege against my skin I experienced just a few months ago. Similarly, it’s not fair for me to credit just one product or behavior as the savior for my skin. I’ve drastically changed my daytime and nighttime skincare routine (along with several other lifestyle habits- but more on all that in another post!) and I’ve seen a major difference since.

Like a breath of fresh air for tired lungs, I first tried Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb moisturizer when my skin was in the midst of its massive flare-up. At first, I didn’t see a major difference from using it, but I definitely felt it – putting on the Aqua Bomb is like getting a (gentle) slap in the face with water. It’s so hydrating.. but light…. and smells great, too! I looked forward to applying it because of the cooling sensation it had. I still look forward to that feeling, but now I can’t wait to slather this on because of the physical changes it has made on my skin! It’s safe to say this moisturizer has secured a spot in my skincare routine this year.

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Available at: Sephora
.84 oz/25 ml ($22.00)
1.68 oz/50 ml ($38.00)

Why I Love It:
– lightweight, gel-like texture perfect for oily/combo skin
– full hydration that absorbs into skin quickly
– makes my skin look and feel soft and plump
– great under makeup or as a nighttime treatment
– mineral-oil and artificial fragrance free

What Needs Improvement:
– I’m not a huge fan of any skincare that uses a tub/jar packaging that requires twisting off a lid (exposure to too much oxygen and the good ingredients within will break down) and dipping fingers within (risk of contamination if you don’t wash your hands properly)

My Rating: 9/10