REVIEW: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Banila Co.

What: a cleansing balm that melts into an oil to remove makeup and residue.

Price: $16-22 /3.4 oz (100 ml)

Where to purchase: Peach & Lily or Sokoglam

Directions: I scoop out about a dime-sized amount with the little plastic scooper that comes with the tub. I don’t wet my face or anything beforehand – it works better at removing makeup if your face is dry! Then, I massage this on my face/eyes in circular motions as a first step to my double cleanse routine.

Why: I need to use an oil-based cleanser before a foaming cleanser if I’m wearing a full face of makeup. Double cleansing will ensure that I have completely broken down any waterproof or long-wearing makeup that may clog pores.


  • Value – a very little amount goes a long way! I have already purchased this cleansing balm twice, but the first tub lasted me about 6 months.
  • Effective – it removes waterproof eyeliner and mascara effortlessly – I don’t have to tug at my skin at all. It also dissolves foundation and even liquid lipstick with ease.
  • Skincare benefits – there is papaya extract (light exfoliation) and acerola extract (rich in vitamin C to help brighten skin) included in the ingredients which is a small bonus to an already great product. It also makes my face feel soft and moisturized after use. Although I always use a foaming cleanser after rinsing it off, I appreciate that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped and uncomfortable.


  • Mineral oil – some people may be sensitive to this ingredient, especially acne-prone or sensitive skin.
  • Oily residue – I haven’t experienced this, but some people may find that it leaves an uncomfortable oily residue on their skin. This is probably due to its base ingredient (mineral oil). However, I recommend only using this as the first step to a double cleansing routine. And especially to avoid feeling oily, always use a foaming, water-based cleanser after!

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