Liquid lipsticks have been a popular make up item for quite some time and with so many brands to choose from its hard to find the perfect one! While liquid lipsticks have that amazing matte finish that is made to last, most also come with the consequence of making your lips dry and flakey. Susan and I have tested many brands on the market and have come to the conclusion that Kat Von D makes the best liquid lipsticks!

Where to PurchaseSephora

Why: Trendy, long lasting matte liquid lipstick –Perfect for eating and drinking without color fading. Our go to lipstick for a night out!

Price: $20

Tips & Tricks: To get optimal results I recommend you moisturize your lips right before applying. This will create a smooth base and keep the lipstick from cracking or crumbling on your lips. To take a step further (this step isn’t necessary), exfoliating with a lip scrub right before moisturizing and application will make your lips look even better.

Michelle’s Favorite Colors: Outlaw, Double Dare (my go to and favorite), Lolita, Mother

Susan’s Favorite Colors: Mother, Lovesick, Melancholia, Requiem

Mother, Lovesick, Melancholia, Requiem


  • Lightweight
  • Super pigmented
  • Long Lasting – Lasts when eating and drinking (if you are eating oily foods you might have to touch it up)
  • Dries Matte
  • Not super drying like most formulas
  • Does not cause your lips to peel
  • Comes off easily with oil based make up remover


  • Pricey – at $20 dollars each you could buy 2-3 drugstore liquid lipsticks. However we feel the quality does not compare
  • Lack of colors – I love the formula but feel brands such as ABH have a wider range of colors




So by now you must already know how much my oily-combo skin is l o v i n g Belif’s Aqua Bomb moisturizer (if not, read my full review here!). But what if the lightweight gel-cream consistency of the Aqua Bomb just isn’t cutting it for your dry skin? Fear not! For those of you with skin that needs a little extra TLC, there’s Belif’s Moisturizing Bomb to the rescue!

The Moisturizing Bomb has a thicker, but non-greasy consistency that provides deep and intense hydration. And similar to the Aqua Bomb, it does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fragrances, and animal origin ingredients. A total win!


Want to see which cream your skin craves? On a mobile device, click here to take a quiz that determines whether you’re best suited for the Aqua Bomb or Moisturizing Bomb! Whichever you get, you will be sent a free sample of. Also, refer this quiz to a friend for a chance to win $250 worth of Belif skin care! Good luck~


Stress, lack of sleep, cold weather, poor diet, inconsistent skincare routine – I can’t pinpoint the exact perpetrator of the month-long siege against my skin I experienced just a few months ago. Similarly, it’s not fair for me to credit just one product or behavior as the savior for my skin. I’ve drastically changed my daytime and nighttime skincare routine (along with several other lifestyle habits- but more on all that in another post!) and I’ve seen a major difference since.

Like a breath of fresh air for tired lungs, I first tried Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb moisturizer when my skin was in the midst of its massive flare-up. At first, I didn’t see a major difference from using it, but I definitely felt it – putting on the Aqua Bomb is like getting a (gentle) slap in the face with water. It’s so hydrating.. but light…. and smells great, too! I looked forward to applying it because of the cooling sensation it had. I still look forward to that feeling, but now I can’t wait to slather this on because of the physical changes it has made on my skin! It’s safe to say this moisturizer has secured a spot in my skincare routine this year.

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Dr. Dennis Gross has recently become a favorite skincare brand of ours. Over the past year, I have seen my skin become more radiant with the aid of these products. I first discovered their line while I was browsing Sephora for an everyday serum. I quickly became hooked on their skincare products after using their Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster because I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s texture and appearance. Ever since, I knew I had to get my hands on more of their products!

These are the products from Dr. Dennis Gross’ skincare line that I HIGHLY recommend! I have personally tried all of them for an extensive amount of time and have been telling everyone about these products. The only downside is that they are a little on the pricey side but in my opinion well worth it due to the amazing results. They have changed my skincare routine for the better and I can’t say enough about them!

Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Packettes ($88/ 30 treatments) – This peel has been rated as one of 2016’s InStyle Best Beauty Buys as best exfoliator and I can’t agree more! I use these right after I shower at night and before my night time skincare routine. My skin has never looked smoother and more poreless than it does now. I have been asked by numerous people about the type of foundation I’m wearing when I have no face make up on. I always let them know it is due to my new skincare routine and that this is one of the products I’ve been using!

Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum ($68) – This gel like eye serum has worked wonders for tightening up my under-eye area. I am VERY picky when it comes to under-eye creams and treatments as I normally do not notice a difference. However, I have added this serum to my nightly routine and have noticed a difference when it comes to the texture and look of my under-eye. Not only does make up apply more smoothly, but I look less tired in the mornings.

Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster ($68) – One of my favorite serums and the product that made me fall in love with Dr. Dennis Gross! I wrote a full review on this product so check it out here! FULL REVIEW

Daily Glow Moisture ($42) – If you are into self tanners and bronzing lotions you will love this! I use this only in the morning when I’m looking to add a little glow and subtle color to my face. Unlike most face self tanners this does not appear streaky, turn your face orange, or make you break out. My one complaint about this product is the smell. I’m not a huge fan of it but it does go away and doesn’t linger long after it is applied.

Alpha Beta Glotion for Body ($38) – This self tanner is great for someone with little patience. It dries super fast, has a fruity smell, and makes your skin feel smooth and soft unlike most self tanners I have tried. This tanner is streak free and gives you a nice bronze glow after continual use for a few days. An added perk that most self tanners don’t typically have is that it reduces the need to shave as it minimizes the texture of hair on your body. This is one of my go to products when I have a day that I am trying to look a little more sun kissed and glowy.


Each year, hundreds of new makeup and skincare items are released but only a few make it to “cult favorite” status – or products that have a strong, ride-or-die following. New products always come and go in the beauty industry, but these so-called “cult favorites” or “cult classics” have withstood the test of time. I’m always up for trying these supposed extraordinary products, and I’ve become a diehard fan for many of them (the beautyblender, NARS blushes, ABH contour kits, KVD liquid lipsticks… the list goes on!). However, there are a few I’ve tried that made me think to myself: what’s the big deal!? The following is a list of cult classics that don’t excite me… at all!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
I don’t understand the hype for this cleanser. It’s good, but it’s not great! I’ve tried so many other gentle cleansers that have left my skin feeling 100% clean, soft, and radiant – the Fresh Soy Cleanser only does about 50% of that in my experience.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I’m a complete concealer junkie- I have about 30 in my vanity right now so you know I have strong opinions about what I like and don’t like! The Radiant Creamy Concealer is nice when I first put it on, but it sets to an awful finish: it’s dry, cakey, and prone to oxidizing! In my opinion, Tarte makes some of the best concealers (i.e. Maracuja Creaseless Concealer or Shape Tape!)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara//Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Both of these mascaras couldn’t hold a curl past 2 minutes on my straight lashes! If you have the same issues as me, I recommend the Too Faced Better Than Sex *Waterproof* Mascara (our in-depth review here) and the Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara – I’m a big fan of these two! Check out our top 6 favorite mascaras for straight, stubborn lashes here.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
This liquid eyeliner isn’t terrible, but compared to my ride-or-die liner, it just doesn’t stack up. I’m talking about my baby Stay All Day liner by Stila – it’s jet black, sharp, doesn’t skip or run out too quickly, and really does stay on all day.