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There’s a lot to be excited for during the spring and summer; for me, it’s the rising temperatures. I can’t wait to shove my winter jackets deep within the recesses of my closet while dreaming of BBQ’s and picnics and not shivering whenever I step out of my house. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving the fall/winter beauty trends the past few years (repeat after me: dark, vampy lips and a strong brow). But I’m so ready for all the beauty trends the warmer months have to offer.

Check out some of the ones I’m really loving below!

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Hello, world!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of The Misu Fix! Our blog is a space to share beauty tips and reviews we have acquired through our own experiences. It’s our goal to keep our content fresh, engaging, and helpful. Our posts will include reviews on makeup and skincare products that highlight our different points of view, which we hope will help accommodate for a variety of your unique needs.

Our mission is to enhance the natural beauty every woman possesses. However, we are definitely not beauty experts; this is a learning process for us, too. We just want to help inspire other women and be inspired by you all, as well. Thank you for supporting The Misu Fix! We hope you continue to join us on our beauty journey ♥

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