Miracle cure for weak nails (that won’t grow)

Having been a gel polish addict for months, I finally kicked the habit last October (8 months ago) in hopes that my weak nails would grow long and strong again. The past 8 months however has been a struggle to get my nails back to the condition they were in pre gel wearing days. No matter what I did – use nail strengthener, rubbed oil on them, ate vitamins, they never returned to the same condition they were in! Its been so frustrating since my nails would peel and crack and wouldn’t grow past a certain length. Recently I discovered Perfect Formula’s Pink Gel Coat and have never looked back! My nails are now long and healthy and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My full review and how to use it is below!

Available at: Amazon ($23) & Sephora ($30)


  1. Clean nails with nail polish remover
  2. File and shape nails
  3. Apply a thin coat of the Perfect Formula’s Pink Gel Coat onto your clean and dry nails
  4. Repeat weekly
  5. Use as a base coat under your favorite nail polish for stronger nails


  • Brightens and strengthens nails
  • Makes the whites of your nails looks whiter and healthier
  • Makes your nail beds look brighter
  • Helps your nails grow long and strong
  • Prevents peeling and cracking
  • Brought my weak nails that wouldn’t grow back to life!

Even though this product is at a higher price point it is worth every penny!! I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who is looking to grow their nails out or is a recovering gel polish addict like me 🙂

MY RATING: 10/10