This month, we challenged ourselves to do a “no-buy” for makeup and skincare products. Our reasoning was this: over the past few months, we have accumulated a ton of beauty products that we want to review in detail before purchasing new items. Therefore, we only have a few new favorites to add to our Best of Beauty list this month; they are either samples we received or rediscovered past favorites. Check them out below!

And check out what made it to our April Best of Beauty list here!

Ben Nye BananaMichelle’s May Favorites

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder ($15.00)

Recently I have been OBSESSED with the “Sandbagging” Makeup Technique (read Susan’s tutorial here). I use this technique almost everyday to prevent my eyeliner and mascara from smudging. This powder is great for the baking technique as well if you are into the super highlighted Kim Kardashian  under eye look. For medium and tan skin tones this works perfectly as a highlight powder. I rarely use this as a setting powder as it does not seem to control oils well on my t zone. For $15 the value of this powder is amazing. I have barely made a dent in the powder and I have had it for months.

CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat ($10.50)

Chipped nails day or two after a fresh manicure really annoys me! Vinylux Weekly Top Coat has changed my life! It is a thicker feeling top coat that almost makes it looks like you have gel polish on. It makes your nails super shiny and durable. Now my nails last 5-7 days with minimal chipping. This top coat can be used with any nail polish and not just the Vinylux system. I first apply a base coat, 2 coats of nail polish, and then this! For $10.50 every girl needs this in her nail collection!

May favorites

Susan’s May Favorites

BeautyBlender ($20.00)

After Michelle’s rave review on the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and her multiple texts urging me to try this supposed dupe to my precious BeautyBlender, I caved. And I tried so hard to love it… I really did (especially since it’s less than half the price of my beloved). I spent two weeks with this impostor before I threw in the towel and returned to my BeautyBlender.

Okay, I’m being dramatic. I don’t hate the RT Miracle Sponge, but I definitely don’t love it as much as my BB. The RT is great for baking because of its flat end and does a pretty good job at blending out undereye concealers. However, the shape and texture of the BB suits my needs so perfectly that doing my makeup without it becomes somewhat of a chore.

Erborian Yuza Double Lotion ($36.00)
I received a deluxe sample of this as a points perk from Sephora. I love it for two main reasons: first, it smells like a Korean gum my mom used to buy for me all throughout my childhood. My first time using it threw me into a nostalgic trance! Second, I love how soft and dewy this toner lotion makes my skin look. I use it as the first step to my skincare routine by shaking it well, then dabbing some onto a cotton pad and gently swiping it across my entire face.

The Misu Fix