1. Age
    M & S: 24
  2. Nationality
    M: Chinese-American
    S: Korean-American
  3. Where we live
    New York
  4. How we know each other
    We met in undergrad at Binghamton University, became fast friends, and eventually lived together our senior year (where we were always rolling around in each other’s rooms, playing with makeup, and eating frozen pizzas and ice cream). We loved sharing beauty  tips with each other, and are so happy to now share them with you!
  5. Skin types/concerns
    M: combo/dry  with oily t-zone and hyper pigmentation under eyes
    S: oily-combo skin with some hyper pigmentation
  6. Skin undertones
    M: medium to tan, olive-yellow undertones
    S: light to medium, olive-yellow undertones
  7. Why we chose the name “the misu fix”
    MIchelle + SUsan = MISU: a place to get your beauty fix!