About us

We believe every woman possesses a natural kind of beauty. Our goal is to help women realize this! By sharing tips & reviews we have acquired through our own experiences, we hope to help enhance the beauty that you already own. Since we have different concerns and preferences, our perspectives can cater to a wider variety of needs.

Although we strive to make our content helpful for anyone who comes across our blog, our perspective may be especially helpful to other Asian women. It’s a fact that Asian-Americans are underrepresented in the media and other influential platforms, so we grew up trying to fit into a certain mold of beauty that didn’t suit our natural features. As we continue to grow, we’re realizing there is no single definition of what makes a person beautiful. Fortunately, there are now many more Asian women we can relate to in the ever-growing beauty community! The standards of beauty are changing, and we hope to be a part of this movement.

Above all, this is a space to inspire and be inspired. Join us on our beauty journey!