5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

You Are Paying for Convenience

Waking up with beautiful lashes comes at a cost. With a full set of lashes costing around $100-$250 this isn’t a cheap process. It is recommended that you get a refill every 2-4 weeks which costs around $60-100 to keep your lashes full.

Having full lashes in the morning saves me a great deal of time getting ready. I just dab on some concealer, bronzer, and a touch of eyebrow pencil and I am out the door. I also generally feel prettier without any make up on. For ladies who have a very simple make up routine extensions might be your saving grace!

Warning : Lash Extensions do get super addicting so just be aware of the costs!

Before and After 3 Week Refill

Eyelash Extensions Are High Maintenance

So not only do lashes cost a lot, but they also need proper care and maintenance everyday. You should not rub your eyes or use any form of oil based products near your lashes. Removing make up is also a different process with extensions on. You have to rub around your lashes and be very careful not to pull on any. I recommend using q tips and non oil based make up removers to ensure your lashes stay in tact.

When your extensions get wet after washing your face you will need to blow dry them and comb them through with a clean mascara wand. This ensures that they stay in the right place and do not get tangled.

There are Different Types of Lash Extensions

Lash extensions come in different materials such as mink, synthetic mink, and silk. They also come in different lengths in which you can choose to have different lengths placed from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Furthermore, there are different levels of curl which range from J, C, SC, and D curls. My favorites are synthetic mink, cat eye shape (length 10-12), and D curls.

A newer option which is not available in all salons are air volume lashes or Russian volume lashes. These are 3 lashes in one extensions that are lighter than 1 regular lash extension. These usually cost a little more but are my personal favorite because they look and feel lighter and fluffier.

Air Volume Lashes (10-12 Length) – C Curl

Wearing Make Up with Extensions

While you can wear eye make up with your lash extensions, I find it harder to put on eye shadow and eyeliner with them on. Its kind of like having falsies on and trying to blend eye shadow. You can’t help but nudge your lashes with your brush when applying make up. Typically, your lashes will last longer if you aren’t wearing eye make up everyday since there is less touching around your eye area. I wear eye makeup around 2-3 times a week and my lashes last me 4 weeks.

The only make you you shouldn’t be wearing is mascara and false lashes. The glue will get stuck in your extensions making them difficult to clean. For me this is a con because I LOVE falsies. They add such drama to make up looks. Extensions can be dramatic but they do not provide the drama that falsies give you which is something to keep in mind!

Your Natural Lashes Will Not Fall Out

With proper care and a reputable salon, your real lashes should stay intact. I recommend going to a salon with good reviews. Each eyelash extension is to be glued to 1 natural lash which ensures your lashes will stay healthy. It is not normal if you notice a lot of natural lash fall out, however some natural lash fall out is okay. Lashes go through shedding cycles and when a lash sheds the extension will fall of with it.

I do recommend using a lash serum when you have extensions in! This ensures proper growth of new lashes and will keep your adult lashes healthy.

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