5 Must Have Beauty Products for Under $5

Last month, we gave you our 10 of our must have products for under $10. This month we are taking it a step further to give you our 5 must have Beauty Products for under $5!

The cost of beauty products can really add up and we love finding great deals! These are GREAT everyday products that are very affordable. You can buy all of these items for under $25!

1.Tony moly oil blotting ($5) : One of my favorite products to5 under 5 keep with me at all times. This blotting paper is useful to get rid of any oils showing through your make up mid-day. This paper does a great job of not moving or smearing any make up! Stay shine free for hours!

2. Kiss Look So Natural Lashes ($2.81) : Super comfortable and natural, these lashes are perfect for everyday glam. I do not wear lashes everyday but if I were going to these would be it! The tapered ends give these a more natural look and feel. These lashes come in a few different styles (Flirty, Shy, Sultry, Pretty, etc). At Walmart they only cost $2.81 but I have seen them at other drug stores for $3.99-4.99.

3. Essence Lipstick Essence Lipstick ($2.99) : This lipstick is the most inexpensive lipstick I own. The color is also pigmented which you wouldnt expect for such a low cost product.  For $2.99 the lasting power of this lipstick is great! It comes in  a variety of 9 shades at Ulta.

4. Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Makeup Remover ($4.99) : One of my favorite drug store products ever! This is an oil based remover that easily melts off waterproof mascara. I used to to use pricier makeup removers but this one works just as well and possibly even better. Just make sure to cleanse your face after removing to keep your pores clear!

5 under 55. Tresseme Thermal Heat Tamer Spray Tresseme ($5.49) : So this is 49 cents over $5 at Ulta.. but I just had to sneak it in (You can find this under $5 online). Ever since I started using this before I blow dry my hair I have noticed shiner and softer hair. I also notice less fall out and a healthier feeling over all. Ladies who blow dry and heat style often should be using this to prevent damage . Skipping out on heat protectant is so easy to do but take the extra step because it makes a huge difference!



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